Meat N Greet - Newnan

There is one restaurant in Newnan that we find ourselves consistently drawn to.

We are frequent diners at Meat N Greet in downtown Newnan.

Ever since they opened their doors to the public a little over a year ago, Meat N Greet has been a staple for Cowetans looking for a relaxed environment and amazing casual American cuisine.

The interior of the restaurant is decorated a trendy blend of reclaimed barn wood, natural stone and upcycled light fixtures.

Located right across from Full Circle Toys on the square, Meat N Greet serves up craft beers and boutique burgers.

We visited on a fine spring day and chose to sit on their newly opened patio. The weather was perfect with sun’s rays softened by a light breeze.

We decided to celebrate the perfect weather by enjoying a honeysuckle martini. Neither of us are huge drinkers, but for those who like to indulge, the adult beverage menu includes an extensive selection of microbrews, wines and specialty cocktails. The Moscow mule, a Meat N Greet favorite, is delicious.

This cocktail turned out to be an amazing choice for a patio lunch. It was a refreshing vodka martini with flowery citrus notes.


We grabbed some onion tangles for an appetizer. Having dined here often, we knew we were getting into some sinfully fried territory. The havoc eating a massive plate of fried onions wreaks on your stomach later is worth the crispy, breaded treat that is a pile of onion tangles.

The Meet N Greet menu includes a selection of unique appetizers, hot dogs and burgers. There are vegetarian options for both burgers and dogs. We got a burger with fries and a hot dog with veggies on the side.

The one eyed willie is indescribably delicious. A juicy burger is piled with lettuce, onions, bacon and cheddar cheese. The whole burger is topped with a fried egg and finished off with smoky tomato jam. Meet N Greet fries are made from scratch in house and you can taste it. They are perfectly seasoned with a hearty potato flavor and just a slight sweetness.

The textbook dog comes with all the traditional hot dog toppings including ketchup, mustard and relish. Since Rebekah is a vegetarian, she ordered the meat free dog. It honestly tastes pretty similar to a pork dog and was absolutely spot on with the textbook toppings.

Meet N Greet offers in season vegetables as a side option. They just happen to be Brussels sprouts at the moment, which despite the universal negative reviews from children forced to eat their veggies, happens to be one of our favorites. They did not disappoint. They were caramelized in a sweet bourbon vinegar based glaze and sprinkled with pecans and a peppery seasoning.

Of course we had to try dessert. We don’t normally get dessert, but it was a treat yourself kind of day, so we went for it.

The bourbon pecan bar came with a scoop of cold, sweet vanilla bean ice cream. It was a little slice of brown sugary, buttery heaven. It is definitely a quintessentially southern dessert.

We also tried the moonpie bread pudding. We were a little hesitant about this one, but the server highly recommended it so we decided to give it a shot. We are very glad we did. It was amazing. It was served in a cute little jelly jar. The dessert was rich and buttery with an almost cake like consistency.

By the time lunch was over, we were so full we practically had to roll ourselves out of the restaurant. Meet N Greet is open seven days a week from eleven to eleven. You can follow their Facebook page to get updates on specialty menu items and beverages.