Georgia is a state populated with wonderfully spacious counties, most filled with abundant countryside and few people. Coweta is one of those large counties with population clusters and lots of room to grow in between. We have always loved to roam through Coweta and explore the shops, restaurants and hidden wild places. We love to watch the exciting changes that come with an expanding population. We are especially passionate about local, independent businesses and the community they create. We adore the feeling of discovering a new gem right in our own backyard. Occasionally, we also cover our favorite finds outside of Coweta.

Coweta Life is a way to explore the county and discover new corners or revisit old favorites through beautiful photography. We hope that our rambles will inspire you to visit or revisit the best that Coweta has to offer. Thank you for taking the time to view Coweta life through our eyes!


Susan is a Coweta based photographer with a passion for family and wedding photography. She is a long time Coweta resident with a love for delicious food, her four snuggly animals, traveling and the great American pastime, baseball. 

Rebekah is a freelance writer who makes her home in Newnan. She enjoys unearthing thrifted treasure, playing in the garden and knitting small things.

We love exploring Coweta, but visiting our favorite places is not free. We do accept advertisements on our website to cover our costs. We will always be upfront and honest with you about any incentivized content that we post. It will be clearly noted for transparency, and we never post content on any company or product that we don’t love.